Attendee Prework

You will get the most out of our workshops by doing a little attendee prework. The following will also help Robin Lawton tailor the material to fit your special circumstances. Your response at least 10 days prior to the session is appreciated.

1. Please send an email to with the following information:

  • PreparationIn your email Topic field, record the session’s start date (mm/dd/year) and your score to the Self-assessment addressed below.
  • Provide any answers to Prework for your session.  Relevant prework assignment numbers will be specified in your event confirmation and are listed below.
  • Please specify any personal dietary or accessibility needs. We will make every effort to accommodate them.
  • Provide all your contact information, including your title and mobile number (especially important for last minute changes or emergencies).

2. Preparation

  • If your session is using any C3 tools, you will be asked to load them on the laptop computer you will be bringing to the session.
  • It is often too cold or hot in conference rooms – please dress with both extremes in mind.

3. Optional, but recommended, material to bring to the session includes:

  • Your strategic plan or principal objectives
  • A copy of a recent customer satisfaction survey
  • Your organization’s customer satisfaction policy
  • Examples of your key performance indicators (KPIs) or balanced scorecard
  • A representative charter for a recent or current improvement project

Prework 1 – C3IQ Self-Assessment

Allow 5-10 minutes

  • Please order and download C3IQ Self-Assessment
  • Complete and save your responses to the C3IQ assessment on your computer
  • Email completed document as described in the first bullet under Preparation step #1 above
  • Print out your completed C3IQ assessment and bring to the session

Prework 2 – Reading

  1. If you have a copy of Rob’s text, “Creating a Customer-Centered Culture: Leadership in Quality, Innovation and Speed“, please read at least the first two chapters. OR
  2. Read “Creating Total Customer Satisfaction: A Service Quality Strategy That Will Work For You
  3. Use what you read to identify at least 3 products you personally create in your normal work. Be sure each is specific and can be made plural with an ‘s’.
  4. Include the names of those 3 products in your email to Rob, as described in Prework #1 above.

Prework 3 – C3 Tool Exercises

  1. Complete and email Exercise Product Definition 121216

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us below.  We will get back to you as quickly as possible.  We thank you in advance for completely all of the attendee prework before the session.