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Man talking on telephone during C3 Mentoring.

Customer-Centered Excellence Mentoring

Our customized Customer-Centered Excellence Mentoring guides you through the challenges of leading excellence and being a Change Agent.

C3 Mentoring involves highly personalized, one-on-one phone support, at a pace determined by your initiative.

Woman talking on telephone during C3 Mentoring.

Customer-Centered Excellence Mentoring can make demonstrable improvement in critical areas with limited human and financial resources.  Unlike ad hoc consultation that can go on forever, C3 Mentoring is generally defined in scope and done in a structured manner by phone with a small number of talented, highly dedicated practitioners.

However, the preferred way to create energetic, intellectual and emotional engagement with leadership is through inspiring training that equips you and your associates for success. When this is done to align the organization’s strategic direction with customer priorities, you have taken the path with greatest impact, fastest pace and best sustainability.  Unfortunately, it is not always possible or desirable to start with leadership.  Constraints may include lack of leadership readiness, insufficient budget, a crisis atmosphere or burnout from unsuccessful attempts with prior change initiatives.  Without the commitment to make the best possible start, we could either give up or take a different direction.  The following outlines an alternative direction that can work very well.

Customer-Centered Excellence Mentoring can be highly effective in addressing specific business issues that can be well-defined and resolved within a short time period (typically less than 6 months).


C3 Mentoring is designed to guide you and your critical few colleagues in the application of the C3 methodology.  Though normally used when training is not possible, Mentoring can also be effective as support following some initial C3 training.  You will work directly with Robin (Rob) Lawton, your C3 Mentor and creator of the C3 system.  After the initial organizing phase, we will usually set up a regular schedule of 60-90-minute call times, to occur weekly or bi-weekly.  Ad hoc calls can also be arranged.  Mentoring guides you successfully through the use of the C3 system, core concepts and/or tools.  Mentoring is usually chosen to address one of the following topics:

  • Strategic Planning and Guidance, including creating a draft strategic plan framework
  • Measurement, including creating a balanced scorecard or measures connecting strategic objectives, accountability and work across many or all functional responsibilities
  • Strategic Project Management Mentoring, including chartering and managing key projects intended to achieve measurable results aligned with the objectives of customers and your initiative(s)
  • Voice of the Customer, including how to uncover, translate, and act on insights regarding customer priorities.   This can involve new product development, definition of product specifications, and measurement of satisfaction
  • Satisfaction Surveys, including developing a satisfaction survey and plan for distribution
  • Master of Excellence, including learning with depth the C3 system and technology as an end in itself or to enable coaching others, potentially becoming a Certified C3 Master of Excellence in one or more topic areas.
  • General, unspecified single topics.


The personnel involved in this mentoring will use, during this process, some or all of the reference materials cited below.  Initiative Sponsors, project leaders and others on the enterprise leadership team are typical users of C3 Mentoring.  We will integrate, wherever possible, any tools, talents and initiatives you already have in place.


Evidence of success typically includes the following:

  • Modifications of a current or draft strategic plan to achieve much better alignment between enterprise and customer priorities
  • Development of, or modification to, your key performance indicators (KPIs) to better balance measures and goals linking strategy, internal behavior, cultural imperatives, change initiatives and customer wants
  • C3 project completion that gets enthusiastic endorsement from executive leadership and “go!” decisions to implement recommendations
  • Project implementation results with significant and measurably improved experience for your customers and enterprise performance (cost, revenue, retention, execution or response speed, etc.)
  • Fluency in the C3 methodology and tools, sufficient to replicate successful application in new areas with very limited consultation support
  • Increased executive receptiveness to broader and more strategic adoption of C3 practices

Individual practitioners relying on this approach are overwhelmingly viewed as heroes when their C3 projects are completed, frequently getting recognized by promotion, award or other commendation.  But it is important to understand that C3 mentoring is not designed to change the culture of the enterprise, win the hearts and minds of those outside the mentoring process, or create internal experts who can teach others the C3 methodology.  It is possible to become proficient at a skill or endeavor without necessarily being equipped to teach others.  If the goal is to train experts to teach others, additional C3 training (and licensing) will be necessary.

Advantages of Customer-Centered Excellence Mentoring include:

  • A structured but highly customized approach
  • The lowest cost approach to achieving high impact with measurable results
  • Reduced risk of failure or under-performance of current initiatives
  • Grounding in the use of defined C3 tools (see Resources, below.)
  • Direct dialogue with Rob Lawton, the C3 Mentor and author/creator of the C3 system
  • Emphasis on application to specific business issues of significance
  • High probability of project completion that exceeds the prior experiences of the sponsor(s), facilitator and team members
  • ROI likelihood better than an average of 5-to-1 across three or more projects
  • Significant skill development by all those directly involved in the application projects, transferable to future issue

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