Executive Strategic Advisor



Intended OutcomeDo you need an executive strategic advisor?

As your strategic advisor we support and collaboratively guide you to create and strengthen the culture that aligns your strategic direction with operational practices and customer priorities. We refer to this as creating the convergence of Voice of Leadership (VOL) with Voice of the Customer (VOC).  You will be challenged to question old assumptions, think in new ways and pursue results others believe are impossible.  It is reasonable to expect visibly and measurably improved outcomes in organizational behavior and performance.

We specialize in culture, excellence, leadership, customer focus and experience, employee engagement, knowledge age product design and business growth.  We can diagnose the situation in a way that has not previously been done. As a consequence, the remedy that is developed is customized to your circumstances and superior to what otherwise would have been chosen.

Expect us to listen carefully to fully understand and articulate the nature of your challenge.  Leaders often come with a solution in mind before the issue or problem has not been adequately described.  While this is natural, it means the perceived solution may really not be aligned with issue to address in the most effective, speedy and durable manner.  We can help.



What is the Typical Profile of an Executive We Advise?Do you need an executive strategic advisor?

  • Willingness to consider and seek unconventional wisdom
  • High aspirations with impatience for results

Deliverables Can Include

  • Envision and build the desired culture
  • Learn how critical thinking can help you succeed
  • Improve the performance of the executive team
  • Reduce ambiguity, conflict, and parochial thinking among executive leaders in their business units
  • Link performance measures to strategic priorities for dramatic, rapid, sustainable results
  • Articulate strategic direction relevant to and deployable by every employee
  • Transform leadership behaviors to create a customer-centered culture with high employee engagement
  • Leadership application of the C3 Six Levers for enterprise excellence
  • Unambiguously articulate and deploy leadership accountability
  • Correct practices and perceptions related to breakdowns in core values and integrity
  • Delegation, conflict reduction among the leadership team
  • Eliminate problems that deal with inattentiveness to poor customer experience and product quality
  • Enhance profitability through improved customer experience and product quality
  • Adopt product development and customer growth in line with 21st century knowledge age imperatives
  • Improve mission and operational effectiveness of industry, government, nonprofit and non-commercial enterprises
  • Inspire others to create desired near term results currently believed impossible

Description of Approach

You will ask us to paint a picture of success. Though we have a palate of infinite colors, things we will need to know are:

  • What will the subject of the picture be?
  • What colors do we prefer or want to avoid?Execitive Strategic Advisor
  • Where and how will the final picture be used?
  • Who are the viewers to satisfy?
  • Who are the co-artists we want to involve in the creation of this picture?
  • What are the time and budget constraints?
  • How durable does this need to be?
  • What other constraints are there?
  • What will be our measures of success?

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