Business Strategist’s Game-Changing Roadmap to Rapid Cultural Transformation for Unheard Of Customer Success and Employee Engagement


Published in March 2017!  Written from over three decades of customer strategy, business coaching and innovation-leading success by Robin L. Lawton, Mastering Excellence: A leader’s guide to aligning strategy, culture, customer experience & measures of success grabs the attention of leaders with high expectations and provides them with an elegantly-simple framework that will transform their organization and their role within it. The old ways of achieving and sustaining excellence are no longer relevant, and Lawton is ready to help any leader get inside the hearts and minds of their customers, measure their deliverables and tap into success that has so far only been a pipedream.

Sarasota, FL – No CEO is alone in their desire for rapid and highly visible results, employees that are chomping at the bit to deliver world-class excellence and a loyal customer base truly excited about what an organization offers. However, the 21st century is the “knowledge age”, and old methods for achieving and sustaining long-term success are limiting and ill-suited for service and non-manufacturing organizations.

It’s a trend shift business strategist Robin L. Lawton has been observing and helping companies adapt to for over thirty years. Following the runaway success of ‘Creating a Customer-Centered Culture: Leadership in Quality, Innovation and Speed’, Lawton returns with ‘Mastering Excellence: A leader’s guide to aligning strategy, culture, customer experience & measures of success’. It’s a comprehensive, holistic blueprint to dramatic change that few would think possible.


MASTERING EXCELLENCE LEADERS GUIDE is for leaders with high expectations, a vision of the possible and urgency to improve the lives of many others. Mastering Excellence provides you with a new way to think about work and customers, an elegantly simple framework and tools you can immediately apply to transform your organization and your role in it. Based on the author’s 30 years of work with organizations of all kinds and sizes, including multi-nationals, small start-ups, government agencies, healthcare, education and defense, you get an engaging and practical roadmap to dramatic change you would not think possible.

There are many approaches to change. Most emphasize process improvement. They use tools that are mathematical, analytical and operational in nature and assume that the absence of things gone wrong is equivalent to achieving excellence. That focuses on minimums, not optimums. Virtually none provides an integrated strategic system that begins with articulating purpose from the customer’s perspective, uses linguistics to reveal and destroy the ambiguities we allow to persist, and redefines knowledge and service work in tangible, countable ways we can design for excellence. This book does that and far more.

As the CEO, executive change leader or consultant to leadership, you want customers that are enthused, employees that are engaged and fast, highly visible results. Eye-popping savings, customer wait times cut by 90%, strong revenue growth and an avalanche of customer kudos are the kinds of sustainable and continuing results many Masters of Excellence have achieved. This provides the means and rewires your brain to understand how.

“Organizations need to realize that we now live and work in an era where the internet boundlessly empowers end-users, yet most companies are left scratching their heads over who their “customer” really is, how to get to the core of their desires and how to tangibly cater to those desires in a way that can be measured,” explains Lawton. “When you can cut through this ambiguity, amazing things can happen; that’s the focus of this book.”

Continuing, “The end goal is growth and sustainable results that are visible within the organization, to its customers and to the wider public. Culture truly is everything and, through some rewiring of thought processes and working practices, it is possible to achieve success beyond anyone’s wildest expectations.”

Robin Lawton follows his first book, 5-star ranked on Amazon, with MASTERING EXCELLENCE. This engaging, practical and thought-leading read is for leaders seeking a strategic systems approach to customer-centered organizational transformation. Many examples of eye-popping results are paired with how-to’s the reader can immediately apply. Released March 2017.

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About the Author

Robin Lawton is an internationally recognized author, speaker and expert in creating rapid strategic alignment between enterprise objectives and customer priorities. He has developed and deployed powerful but easy-to-understand principles, strategies and tools to improve and measure strategic excellence, service, knowledge work and customer experience. They were outlined in his first book, now greatly expanded in depth and breadth with his latest, MASTERING EXCELLENCE.

Rob loves to inspire, challenge and equip those driving excellence to both think about and do what they never thought possible. His jargon-free approach has the feeling of simplicity and common sense. It hides his technically sophisticated underlying system, making his ideas highly appealing to executives and individual contributors in every field of knowledge-intensive endeavor. He is a top ranked speaker by those attending his thought-leading keynotes and presentations sponsored by industry, government, healthcare and others. Thousands of change leaders have been trained in his powerful, easy-to-understand system.

Robin Lawton coined the term “customer-centered culture” with his first book and his methodology, now known as C3, has enabled many organizations to achieve strategic business growth, raving customer fans, savings of $millions from reduced complexity, 90 percent reduction in customer response time, winning awards from peers and more. Rob’s clients come from multi-nationals, Fortune 100, healthcare, education, government agencies from Alberta to Vermont, non-profits, international firms and others from virtually every industry, large and small.

Supporting Leadership Tools for Purchasers of the Book

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