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  • Beyond Strategic Vision, Effective Corporate Action with Hoshin Planning, M. Cowley, E. Domb
  • The Lean Extended Enterprise: Moving Beyond the Four Walls to Value Stream Excellence, T. Burton
  • Managing with the Wisdom of Love: Uncovering Virtue in People and Organizations, D. Marcic
  • The Kaizen Blitz: Accelerating Breakthroughs in Productivity and Performance, A. Laraia
  • The Performance Improvement Toolkit: The Guide to Knowledge Based Improvement, R. Gerst
  • ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System Design, J. Schlickman
  • Tools to Create Great Corporate Strategies Using Insights from History and Science, Dudik & Dudik
  • We Don’t Make Widgets, K. Miller

Online Reviews of Rob’s Books, Articles & Methodology

  • Baldrige Performance Excellence Program, Research Library
  • What do customers want anyway?: A review of “The 8 Dimensions of Excellence” (Part 1)  Normally, a reviewer should be able to write their entire analysis of a Baldrige Resource Library article in one blog.  However, when it’s the case of Robin Lawton’s “The 8 Dimensions of Excellence” which is chock-full of lists, graphics, charts and more pastels than a “Miami Vice” rerun, I would do a disservice to the author and the reader if I limited it to just one 600+-word review. There’s just too much here.
  • What do customers want anyway?: A review of “The 8 Dimensions of Excellence” (Part 2)  It’s a common belief, borne out by experience, that no business is successful without some sort of planning. It may come in the form of a business plan or an outline or a list of goals. Whatever the form, some planning needs to be completed or else the business may never reach its potential or it may fail altogether.  Baldrige article author,  Robin Lawton, undertakes this issue and several other related ones in the second half of “The 8 Dimensions of Excellence”.
  • Investor’s Business Daily – Morey Stettner – 5/23/2017 – 6 Ways To Make Sure Your Aims Reach A Far-Flung Workforce
    Once you set a goal for your team, the next step is to ensure that it sinks in. People need to take it seriously.  That’s hard enough when your staff resides under the same roof. But it’s tougher if you oversee a far-flung workforce.  To communicate your goals to a global audience:  Link goals to themes. If your global audience understands the overriding themes that matter most to you and the organization, then show how your goal connects to the big picture.  Author of “Mastering Excellence,” Lawton cites three common themes: outcomes, products and processes. He urges leaders to tie a specific goal to one of those themes to “create a level of simplicity and consistency that clarifies your focus.  “Americans tend to maintain a business focus on things that’s independent of personal relationships,” said Robin Lawton, a consultant in Sarasota, Fla., who grew up in Latin America. “If you want people to accept your goals, you’ll limit your success unless you bond with them and learn what’s important to them.”  For Rob’s related blog see Goal Setting for Highly Effective Leaders.
  • Hampton Roads Section – American Society for QualityChange Agent presentation – June, 2016
  • NAVAIR News Release Depot creates customer-centered culture – By Gary Rice
    It’s a new concept, a different way of looking at things, with emphasis on what each and every employee can do to
    make things better. In its effort to create a customer-centered culture, the Naval Air Depot (NADEP) Cherry Point has
    adopted a proven, practical approach to achieving and sustaining leadership in quality and customer satisfaction.