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Customer Focused Excellence Training

Customer Focused Excellence Training spans the topics of strategic planning, customer experience and operational excellence.  Select one of the options below or just give us a call!

Mastering 8 Dimensions of Excellence Training

Cultural change is among the most complex endeavors a leader can pursue. This foundational workshop provides a thought-leading paradigm, a unique system, road map, and tools that are easy to understand, fast to execute, customer-focused and strategic. It is delivered in an interactive, entertaining, and personally relevant way.  It changes how you think, what to do for optimum effect, and how to get dramatic, scalable, repeatable, and durable results others can only dream about.

Strategy and Tools for Transformation Leaders

The true pursuit of excellence is multi-dimensional, constrained by organizational culture, and is a highly complex endeavor.  This intense session transforms how leaders envision excellence and then equips them to achieve what they never thought possible.


C3 Strategic Planning Training

If you are like our usual executive client, you are impatient for fast, transformational, dramatic and sustainable results. Totally reasonable expectations we collaborate to achieve. C3 strategic planning takes weeks, not months. Expect to see visible change in organizational direction, customer impact and internal practice begin within 3-4 months.


Strategic Project Management Training

The purpose of this Strategic Project Management Training for WOW Results is to provide a new paradigm and tools enabling breakthrough thinking when the solution is unknown.  Learn how to (a) select the right issues for project focus, (b) define the problem so well it is half-solved, (c) avoid scope creep, (d) engage, enlist, inspire and equip executive sponsors and team members, and (e) apply secrets that enabled others to achieve significant, award-winning results.

Voice of the Customer Training

Challenging times are ripe with opportunity and customers have more power than ever, making this session critically important. Its unique paradigm, tools and methods will help you understand, keep and satisfy customers. You will find this material is particularly relevant for your service and knowledge work, not just for the widget business.

Process Excellence for Speed, Simplicity and Success

Simplify, eliminate, and innovate with C3 Process Excellence. Learn how to link process improvement to strategic direction, determine which process(es) to best focus on (of the many), connect process performance with customer priorities, minimize wasted time, use new mapping tools for economy of effort and achieve maximum process improvement impact.

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