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Process Excellence for Speed, Simplicity and Success

Process Excellence for Speed, Simplicity and Success – Learn how to link process improvement to strategic direction, determine which process(es) to best focus on (of the many), connect process performance with customer priorities, minimize wasted time, use new mapping tools for economy of effort and achieve maximum process improvement impact.

Process excellence focus has been the dominant approach to organizational improvement for over a century. No matter how sophisticated the tools used, process excellence mapping of work is part of the effort. Practitioners using conventional methods encounter several problems this presentation solves:

  • Mapping of activity is notoriously labor intensive and, when completed, the root cause of poor performance is often elusive or ambiguous. By changing what is mapped and measured, about 90% of the effort can be eliminated while clearly isolating what to improve.
  • Improvement is heavily concerned with producer-centered, internal processes. The result can achieve one-sided success, never experienced by customers.
  • Numerical improvement objectives are anemic, with 20-30% considered acceptable. The method you will see shows how 80% cycle time reduction- as customers experience it- is routinely achieved.
  • Manufacturing-based process improvement is often complex and of limited value in a knowledge-intensive work context. See how to simplify, eliminate, and innovate.